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- Review and Press on The Turk -


An original, intelligent production, superbly acted and crafted with the greatest care and attention to detail... a captivating, powerhouse of a performance...truly an extraordinary piece of work

The Reviews Hub



A fascinating piece of theatre that brings an ancient true story to life in a wonderful way

The Greater Manchester Reviewer



Fantastically unique

North West End 2019


Sabbaton is a powerful performer who throws himself into the role throughout

The British Theatre Guide


This is a cleverly-written play, meticulously constructed and grounded...I was fully immersed...It’s always a pleasure to see ambition succeeding in practice, and this is a highly original and engaging piece of work

Warped Perspective


- Audience Comments on The Turk -

"A marvellous show full of interest intrigue and fantastical joy. One of the best things I have seen in years..."

"An absorbing, intense production beautifully told and directed – we'll be recommending it to all our friends..."

"A most excellent production. Michael is the only actor that I ever go out of my way to see. If he is playing near you, go to all lengths to see him..."

"Excellent Performance. Thought provoking. Brilliant..!"

"A thought-provoking one-man show! Michael built the set, wrote the show and was captivating throughout..."

"A fantastic production as always, Michael Sabbaton is a talent and a half. Well done and long live The Turk..!"

"Michael Sabbaton's performance in The Turk is mesmerising. Imaginative and creative. Wonderful stuff..!"

"Enthralling performance and fascinating story of man and machine – highly recommend! Go and see..!"

"Captivating story by a captivating performer..!"

"Awesome show..!"

"Fantastic performance – Totally unique..!"

"Very different - makes me think..!"

"A brilliant actor...I liked the ideas that underpinned the play – what it is to be human – how are we human – what is the relation between man and machine? Interesting relation to actual history..."

"A masterful performance by a masterful actor. Atmospheric, gripping and incredibly detailed..."

"Very unusual but wonderful at the same time! William is wonderful..!"

"You are a master of minds. Powerful..."

"Thank you very much for a fantastic performance. Remarkable..."

"As always, Mr Sabbaton, amazing. Who knew you could sing! Fab..!"

"Intriguing and puzzling. An amazing evening..."

"Brilliant – lost in it. Harrowing, sad, funny. Loved all the historical references. A roller-coaster of emotion..."

"Great play! Unbelievable monologue. Well done. Cheers..."

"Thankyou, really well done, excellent actor/acting. Please do something cheerful next time! X..."

"Unbelievable amount of!"

"Fantastic. Brilliantly atmospheric..!"

"One of the most stunning, interesting one man shows we have ever seen..."

"An absolute asset to the arts! Unbelievable..."

"Great show. Loved it..!"

"Very deep – praying..!"

"Very clever portrayal of hoplessness – but for hopelessness to exist, there must also be hope of course..."

"First time – we'll come again! Very talented..."

"Fantastic show. Thanks, Mike x..."

"Wonderful show. So much energy and invention..!!!"

"Great!! Energy and though-provoking. Well done..."

"Brilliant show (very emotive)..."

"Loved the show, awesome as usual. Can't wait for the next show x..."

"Never read about The Turk before. Thought provoking and enjoyable..."

"Brilliant as always! Please come back again..!"

"Really awesome, very atmospheric..!"

"Forth time of seeing Michael now and didn't disappoint again. A superb performance delivered brilliantly and believably. Thanks :)..."

"Thanks, enjoyed the show. It's clear a lot of work went into it. Songs good..."

"Brought one of the facinating tales of yore to life. As a chess player, this play did the grand old game justice..."

"Excellent. Totally drawn in..."

"A very 'feeling' experience. Enjoyed the experience..."

"Spectacular. Most believable. Excellent performance..."

"Tour de force extrordinaire – enjoyed every SECOND of it..!

Please don't do it any other way. Fantastic..!"

"Facinating show – fabulous performance – terrific – illuminating as Walter Benjamin would say..."

"Thanks and good luck with the rest of the run..."

"The show was a triumph – really! So impressed - couldn't take my eyes off you! A fascinating study in man's identity versus the 'machine's' reality, and so topical with today's discussions about I.T. and robots - thinking machines taking over and all that! Many congratulations on the way you took the idea from the story and really ran with it and, as you said in the programme, brought it to life..!"

"Michael Sabbaton was able to exploit the subject matter and put it across using amazing technique to do so. He employed a veritable army of means to engage our interest, using voice, physicality, variation in pace, light and shade of attack in what in the end was a myriad of approaches, all the time not losing the essence of the piece. God knows how he was able to tabulate all that in his mind for such a long period of playing time amazes me..."

"Thanks for top Turking. Brilliant doings. I was gripped continuously by the slew between the raving rants and lucid language. The songs slid in really well even sometimes with a unimpeachable incongruity. The lyrics coloured the pictures that monologue might not and allowed an emotional reset and relief..."

"Excellent – really enjoyed the concept. Amazing acting and loved the music. Gripping throughout! (also great sideburns)..."

"Loved it. Good to see something completely different. Great character, thoughtful set. Good nights entertainment..."

"A great nights entertainment and a cracking tale – well done..!"

"What a superb and inventive piece of writing. An awesome show. Please, please write more..."

"Excellent! Very different, thought provoking..."

"Please come back with another show..!"

"Spellbinding, mesmerising and very, very original. Brilliant..!"

"Great performance, very interesting subject. Overall an excellent evening. Really enjoyed musical and comic interludes, spliced with the fractured mind of Johann Maelzel..."

"A superb, spellbinding performance. Memorable..!"

"Excellent! Truly original and by turns funny, moving and authentically creepy..."

"Funny, atmospheric, philosophical, manic, a twisting and turning trip into the nexus of science and alchemy, Outstanding..."

"Phenomenal performance. The way that songs created narrative history was brilliant. Loved atmosphere and sound track..."

"Atmospheric, engaging and on the edge of my seat throughout..."

"Did not know what to expect, loved the allusions and hearing about the history. Well done for doing it on your own. Very expressive movements..."


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Actor, Music, Writer and Producer……Michael Sabbaton

Director……Sylvia Vickers of Wired Theatre

Sound, Stage and Lighting Design......Michael Sabbaton

Associate Producer ……Emma McDowell, Porl Cooper and Harrogate Theatre


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