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5th March 2024

The Temple Anniversary Tour Announced

Greetings Temple lovers, Dagon lovers, Cthulhu lovers, Sabbaton lovers and all those in-between...

Look how long its been...

I've been slumbering for these last few years but now it is time to awake! It's been a challenging time but let's put that aside and embrace the opportunity to emerge once more and bring my own flavour of dark theatre to the stage once again. I need to get myself going so I'm starting with an old favourite with a 10 year anniversary twist. The Temple has always been a favourite of mine so I'm revising it now with an expanded production premiering at The Buxton Festival Fringe, 2024. The character of Lt. Comm. Karl Altberg has always fascinated me and the situation he finds himself, in his cursed U-boat U29, only allows us more and more opportunities to open that character up and explore his personal depths.

It is 1917. When a strange ivory, carved It is 1917. When a strange, ivory carved head comes into the possession of the commander of the U-29, the submarine becomes cursed as it is drawn into a spiraling descent of dissension and madness. Nightmares, weird feelings and visions of dead sailors begin to haunt the crew. An explosion permanently disables the U-boat’s ability to surface and as it is pulled to the depths by an uncharted, underwater current a demonic, siren song begins to drive the crew towards insanity and death.

Deeper...deeper. The Temple is calling...alling...

With a new set, music and material I'll be approaching venues for dates from now onwards so keep your eyes on the tour page. So...see you on the road as I hope to take The Temple, Altberg and the U-29 deeper than its ever gone before. "ALAAAAARM!!!"


2nd April 2019

The Turk Winds Down

Hello all...

After touring around the UK for the last three months, The Turk's first tour has now come to an end. It has certainly been a ride over the last two years of development and deployment and many things have been learned along the way! So much thanks to all of you who came and saw the show but even more so in surporting and believing in new, original theatre, which is always a challenge to bring forth and present. Thanks also to The Arts Council of England and Harrogate Theatre who both got behind the idea and ran with it and also to my wonderful director, Sylvia Vickers, who's expertise and wisdom prevail throughout. I also want to thank my brother who has supported me tremendously and been such a marvelous friend in so so many ways...

I've made an double CD AUDIO VERSION of The Turk, which you can pick up in The Sab Shop along with Turk Chess Pieces (all 3D printed from the same head as on stage!), programmes and posters too...go on, go on, go on!

The Turk has given me a lot to think about across subject matter, process, theatre-arts, theatre-industry and future prospects. All the audience comments have been great and I want to see if I can move the show forward towards a second outing in the future.

Well, toodleoo for now and keep on truckin'. As poor old Maelzel says in the show, "Purpose equals being!"



8th October 2018


The Turk 2019

Greetings Turk lovers, Cthulhu lovers and all those in-between...

After a 12 date Harrogate run this September, The Turk has been packed away for a little hibernation until January 2019, when it will go on tour. Please keep spreading the word for this brand new piece of writing and I hope to see as many people of tour with the show next year!

Thanks so much to all who came to see The Turk in Harrogate and to the fantastic staff at the theatre for all their kindness and support. I really appreciate it!

Stay tuned on the TOURING PAGE where new dates will be added over the next few months.

Speak soon. All bests, Sab x


31st May 2018

*** !!! BOOKINGNOW !!! ***

The Turk Goes LIVE !

Hi there Turk lovers, Cthulhu lovers and all those in-between!

The big news is that The Turk will be premiering at the fantastic Harrogate Studio Theatre from the 19th to 29th September, 2018.

Here are all the details:

Wednesday 19th to Saturday 22nd September - 7.45pm (plus Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm)

Tickets £10/£8

Monday 24th to Saturday 29th September - 7.45pm (plus Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm)

Tickets £12/£10

So......Go grab those tickets! Sab x


21st October 2017


The Turk Kickstarter

After receiving such great news earlier in the month that my new project, The Turk, is to receive Arts Council funding, I can now launch the companion Kickstarter appeal to raise the remaining funds. It is now LIVE and will run for 30 days to hopefully raise the shortfall of £2500. I've put a mixture of both physical and exclusive on-line and down-loadable rewards for you so pop on over HERE and become anything from a loyal DISCIPLE to a full blown HIGH PRIEST of The Turk!

We need all the support and encouragement we can get for this ambitious project so please share, like, subscribe and spread da Sab word...

Thanks Brethren!
Sab x



Unfortunately, we didn't make the full amount for the Kickstarter so we get nothing BUT fear not. Alternate plans are secured now for extra funding so The Turk will live! So much thanks to all who have supported. For all their generosity and kindness, their names are recorded here:


- The Turk Hall of Heroes -

...welcome and thanks to these mighty heroes of theatric kindness and style!


* Gareth is anointed true Acolyte of The Turk *

* Plushy is declared noble Apostle of The Turk *

* Catherine is anointed true Acolyte of The Turk *

* An Esteemed Friend is declared noble Apostle of The Turk *

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* Tim is ordained most-holy Priest of The Turk *

* Thomas is raised to 'Honoured Friend' of The Turk *



Eternal and heartfelt thanks to all of you from, Mike and The Turk!


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5th October 2017

*** GREAT NEWS ***

The Turk gets Arts Council Funding!

My new project for 2018/19 has been in my head for at least 10 years and now withthe great support of co-producer, Harrogate Theatre, it's time to get he show on the road. It's going to be a departure from my usual Lovecraft adaptation but will retain all of the dark mystery that the work has become known for. Based on the true story of an 18th century 'thinking machine', it will explore he influence of a real or imagined machine intelligence through the eyes of a dying man. Here's the lowdown...

In 1770 an incredible ‘thinking machine’ was presented to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria that was to influence and bamboozle the world for over 80 years.

A life-sized automaton in the fashionable garb of a ‘mysterious’ Turk gazed down onto two opposing armies of chessmen. A Key was inserted, the mechanism was wound and in a whirring of cogs The Turk came to life, raising its head and making its move.

With historical opponents from Napoleon to Beethoven, Barnum to Babbage, Benjamin Franklin to Edgar Allan Poe, The Turk’s enigmatic legacy of technology and chess paved the way for the future of computing, automation, artificial intelligence and even magic.

NB: For an over-view of the history of The Turk and Maelzel please see HERE

The Show:

1838. Interior. Ships Cabin. Night.
Surrounded by well-travelled packing crates and empty wine bottles, a drunken and dying Johann Nepomuk Maelzel revisits scenes from his life, losses and adventures with the amazing, chess playing automaton known as, The Turk.

Fuelled with alcohol and yellow fevered madness, Maelzel and The Turk explore the sacrifice of the showman, the promise of the engineer and the passion of the dreamer against a philosophical backdrop of life, love, cognition and existence.

...The production will premiere in Harrogate in Autumn, 2018 before going on tour around Spring, 2019 and the wonderful news is that The Arts Council of England has awarded The Turk a grant! I'm so excited about this as it's the first time it has happened so will do my very best to bring you all a fantastic, multi-layered piece.

Please share, like, subscribe and spread da Sab word...

Tally Ho!
Sab x

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July 2017


Studio Shorts

with Michael Sabbaton

Harrogate Theatre has invited me to come and speak about my work and practice in an evening dedicated to the creative process. So, I shall! I'm going to present my work over the last seven years or so and go through how I make the shows, what inspires me and how I got into all this madness in the first place. I'm also going to introduce my new project for 2018 so it will be a good chance to get up and personal with me and the work. I'm going to keep it informal and encourage you to ask questions of me so do come along and we'll see where it leads us! It's just for one night in Harrogate on the 15th September 2017 so just click on the image, above, for tickets...

PS - As ever, I need all the support I can get so please share, like, subscribe and spread da Sab word!

Onwards...onwards. Speak soon then, all bests and fhatagn,
Sab x

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February 2016



It's 2016...It's time for a new show...It's...POLARIS!

Yep, have decided to make Polaris my new Lovecraft theatre adaptation so hope to be getting it out there from Autumn, 2016. Originally written in 1918, it's quite a short story but has much potential, I think, in developing it's ideas and reference points within the mythos. Here's a bit about it...

It is 1920. In a Louisiana swamp, a man disturbed by recent events and too afraid to sleep begins to relive his nightmare. All around, there is a strange aurora of light. The man anxiously stares into the dark sky above and through the vapour-soaked trees the pole star, Polaris, winks hideously striving to convey some strange message of the man's ancient, ancestral past.

His story takes us back through dreams and twisted realities, strange people, creatures and 'gods', back through ice-ages to a distant pre-historic past and up to the stars, planets and weird, alien races. Just what is real…and how can we be sure if we are all truly awake? Polaris, brings the same qualities of dark mystery, suspense and science-fiction 'horror' that Lovecraft has become known for questioning concepts of fear, the unknown and our own very existence.

I think that the piece opens up many doors questioning concepts of 'reality' and 'world' with initial research taking me to many epic places of time and space...there are so many connections in this story when you start digging...so many possibilities so should be fun!

I'm also doing some video diaries charting the production process that I'm posting on my Facebook Fanpage and Youtube channel so do take a look and see what you think! Here's a link:

Please share, like, subscribe and above all, tell your friends as I need the support! Remember also that AUDIO VERSIONS of Cthulhu and Temple are available plus signed posters on the 'Sabbaton Shop' page so do grab one if you can as it all helps...

Right, onwards then. All bests and fhatagn,
Sab x

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February 2016

Sabbaton Interview with Brutal as Hell Horror Webzine

Recently I had the pleasure of giving an interview to Keri O’Shea of, Brutal as Hell, a webzine for all things horror and especially movies of that nature. In the interview I chat about how all these Lovecraftian shenanigans started and the process of the work – past, present and future. Check it out HERE, Cthulhu lovers!


April 2015

The Temple AUDIO VERSION Has Surfaced!

After much work and waiting, The Temple AUDIO VERSION, is now here and available on CD from The Sabbaton Shop. It's an adaptation of my stage version so I hope you all like it. Time to relive the plight of poor, doomed Lt. Comm. Altberg and the cursed U-29 once again but this time in the relative comfort of your own home! Go grab yourself some Sabbaton Swag...Ahhhhhh!


March 2015

The Temple - Dives for the Last Time

(until the next time!)

I gave my last performance of, The Temple, recently as part of a double feature presentation with The Call of Cthulhu. Under the title, The H.P. Lovecraft Chronicles, Lt. Comm. Karl Altberg made his last stab at sanity and failed. Over two nights at Guildford's Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, the U29 dived its last and came to rest for the foreseeable future. Perhaps she will rise again in the future but for now it's farewell to Altberg and his cursed ship. Fear not, however, as if you'd like to re-live the doomed submarine's dread journey to the depths you can now get your own AUDIO VERSION on CD. Just swim over to THE SABBATON SHOP and grab yourself a copy with some other goodies too! Till next time, "Auf widersehen!".



The Temple - 2014 Triumph

November brings us to the end of the 2014 leg of The Temple's revival. From Brighton all the way to Aberystwyth via Harrogate and Leeds, the show has thrilled audiences with it's own brand of psychological horror. The U-29 has not yet ended it's descent into madness, however, as it surfaces again in early 2015. Sailing back up North to Halifax in January and then finishing in style in Guildford in February (as part of the double bill, The HP Lovecraft Chronicles) make sure you get to see Lt. Comm. Altberg (and Mike!) for what could be it's last outing for some time...fhatagn!

All dates here!


APRIL 2014

U-29 Sighted in Wales!

Greetings Cthulhu lovers! MASSIVE news this month as I reveal that I will be reviving The Temple this year for, The Abertoir Horror Festival in Aberystwyth, Wales later this year. The Abertoir is an annual international horror fest featuring films, theatre, special events and talks from some of the great names of the horror genre...

"After being approached by Abertoir earlier in the year, I've been itching to make this announcement and I'm so excited to be part of this fang-tastic festival. There's so much going on (apart from me!). All the talks from previous years have looked facinating and I know that this year will be no exception. The wealth of expertise and fandom in one beautiful location will make this such a special event. I just hope poor Lt. Comm. Altberg of the doomed U-29 can keep his wits just long enough...!"

jThe whole festival is on from November 11th - 16th November 2014 and full tickets to the whole festival can be purchased from The Abertoir website here. All information will be on the site too with more annoucements to come. I'll be performing, The Temple on Friday 14th November 2014 at 7pm in the theatre of the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. If you would like to secure an advance ticket JUST for the show, you can do so by calling the Arts Centre Box Office telephone number, which you can find on their website, here. Tickets will be available on the website itself nearer the time BUT if you want to avoid any disappointment call the box office and secure those advance tickets now!

Time to get spooked again in the deep...fhatagn!



Sabbaton on The Statement - Interview with Yog-Sothoth.com

Back in October, I gave a frank and honest interview with the fantastic Yog-Sothoth.com about the entire process of making The Statement of Randolph Carter and Lovecraft in general. The interview covers many areas of production and is available as a streamed video lasting some 40 minutes. As an added bonus there are some actual live segments from the show too - a real exclusive!



The Statement of Randolph Carter - Tour Success!

Harley Warren gets some well earned peace - until the next time!

The current tour of The Statement of Randolph Carter has now come to a close with the last two shows performed to sell out crowds at Harrogate Theatre. After so much support this year, I wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who came to see a show.

It has been a difficult and challenging year both professionally and personally but with direct support from Harrogate Theatre, Square Chapel, The Civic - Barnsley, The Lowry and of course the fantastic Holbeck Underground Ballroom (The HUB) we did it! Not only did we do it but we made the show a new technical success with the voice of Randolph being completely computer run and controlled by the fantastic Graham Rees - 'the man behind the curtain'! This year has built on the work of the past and extended into what is possible with the will and love of all Cthulhu Lovers behind us. A MASSIVE shout out to Porl Cooper of Slung Low here. Porl runs The HUB in Leeds, which is a brilliant place with an ethos grown out of passion for theatre and its sharing. Go check out Slung Low and The HUB here - lots of brilliant things to be discovered!

With The HUB and all other venue's support and belief, we had a set this year too, which I am very proud of. The bare set pieces were donated by Slung Low's HUB and again I thank them for their help and passion for creative theatre.

I hope you all liked the show and it's so great to meet people afterwards and hear their stories and relationships to the work. It really spurs me on and so I will do my best to keep 'em coming!

Thanks to all Cthulhu Lovers. Happy Christmas!

Mike x Fhatagn!


Sabbaton Talks a Twisted Tale...

After the performance at The Lowry of The Statement of Randolph Carter, I met audience members to sign posters and have a chat when I was asked for an interview for, Twisted Tales. This I did and now the interview has been published online discussing some of my approaches and thoughts on Lovecraft, theatre and creativity. Check it out here!

The Rite begins!


JULY 2013

Sabbaton anounces The Statement of Randolph Carter!

Hot news this month sees the long awaited announcement of Sabbaton's latest one man show experience. I've made you wait too long so now, finally, the secret is revealed. Yes...It's The Statement !!!

Well, you wanted it...you got it! I've been asking fans what they'd like to see and this one was always going to be a challenge so I thought, why not? When I say challenge, I really mean it this time. This one is going to be a little different so I'm going to need all my wits about me. The thing that attracted me to The Statement was that we never really got to know what might have happened to Harley Warren, one of the protagonists in the story. In my adaptation, I hope to redress the tale and give his side of things. Randolph Carter is there too and also a special guest who may turn out to be a recurring character in future shows? So, We'll see. Please do spread the word and...FHATAGN!

The Statement of Randolph Carter will be playing to venues in the Yorkshire area this Autumn 2013 so stay tuned for all future dates. For more details of the show, just pop on over to the show website HERE.


Introducing Harley Warren, doomed Acolyte of the Occult


JUNE 2013

Starburst Magazine sings Sabbaton!

Brilliant news is that Starburst Magazine, the longest running Sci-fi magazine, has featured a great review of Mike's AUDIO VERSION of The Call of Cthulhu. Ed Fortune, who reviewed the piece wrote,

"Sabbaton is chameleon-like in his performance; he effortlessly shifts from role to role, and uses audio’s greatest strength (the ability to make listeners imagine impossible things) to its full effect...

This is a delightfully creepy production, the incidental music is appropriately scary and the special effects are just understated enough to be get under your skin...

The drama is both engaging and genuinely disturbing, mostly due to the strength of the actor’s performance. Fans of all things H.P. Lovecraft will find this just sort of thing they like..."

To read the full review, just click HERE.

To get your own AUDIO CD and relive the madness, just visit the shop and get clicking...Fhatagn!

The legendary, Starburst Magazine


MAY 2013

'A Day in Mike's Shed' - Sabbaton Documentary!

This month documentary film maker, Karl Ellison, visited me and filmed a short documentary piece on my work. In terms of being 'the subject' rather than 'the character' for a change, it's funny really. I spend most of my time speaking through other people's thoughts and living through their worlds so it's strange to really 'encounter' yourself pretty bare for all to see. What it does do, I think, is to help you to really see the work and yourself as one unit - symbiotically linked, if you like - it's strange how it has all developed really and I hope to continue for as long as people want me to do it. Karl has made a very touching piece, I think, and now I want to know what happens next to 'this guy'!

Well, see what you think, Cthulhu lovers. Click on the photo below to link to the film and check it out. Why not post your thoughts on the Facebook page too! Till next time, Fhatagn!

Mr Karl Ellison in Sab's Shed



U-29, Cthulhu and Sabbaton Sighted in Harrogate and Salford!

Alright! What a fantastic weekend start to The H.P. Lovecraft Chronicles tour. I premiered The Temple and reprised Cthulhu to a packed audience at The Harrogate Theatre Studio on Friday 5th. What a great night and a fantastic atmosphere. The crowd were amazing and the reaction was superb.

The vibe grew and continued onto Salford and The Lowry Studio the next night with another capacity crowd. I am so happy that we have had such a great reaction to the new show, The Temple and equally that Cthulhu is still going down well. I am really encouraged and inspired with the many calls for more work so I will see what I can do!

Thanks to all at Harrogate and The Lowry. Two fantastic teams!

The first couple of reviews are in as well so see what you think here:

The Public Reviews, Review

What's on Stage, Review

More soon Cthulhu lovers!



Temple and Cthulhu Tour Update...

Two more dates for the latest Temple and Cthulhu tour. The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead hosts The H.P. Lovecraft Chronicles (the double bill of Temple AND Cthulhu) whilst The Civic, Barnsley brings forth Cthulhu ONLY for a special HALLOWEEN performance. Check out the full dates so far below, Cthulhu and Temple lovers!


The H.P. Lovecraft Chronicles (double bill)

Friday 5th October 2012 at The Harrogate (Studio), Harrogate

Saturday 6th October 2012 at The Lowry (Studio), Salford Quays

Friday 26th October 2012 at The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead

Saturday 3rd November 2012 at Redditch Palace Theatre (The Room Upstairs), Redditch



Wednesday 31st October 2012 at The Civic, Barnsley





JULY 2012

Temple Sound Success!

Stop press news at the end of July is that the brilliant sound design for The Temple has now been completed and is ready to dive, dive, dive!

I went to work with the brilliant Rob Speight to master the music tracks and create the overall sound design for the show. Working with Rob is a great experience and what he has achieved will, I'm sure, blow the audience's tentacles off! Thoroughly recommend working with Outpost. Fab guys!". The soundtrack has been wonderfully mastered so it has a great dynamic range and the atmosphere of being deep undersea is palpable.

Great work Outpost!

Latest dates for The H.P. Lovecraft Chronicles

Ok Cthulhu and Temple lovers...latest dates announced and ON SALE !!!

Friday 5th October 2012 at The Harrogate (Studio), Harrogate

Saturday 6th October 2012 at The Lowry (Studio), Salford Quays

Saturday 3rd November 2012 at Redditch Palace Theatre (The Room Upstairs), Redditch




JUNE 2012

The Temple - Video Trailer Released...

nThe Temple now has its own video trailer and is on both this site on the media page and on you tube!

More dates for The H.P. Lovecraft Chronicles - Sabbaton's double bill of The Temple and The Call of Cthulhu - are now coming in so check out the trailer below to get a sneak peek at what's in store...



MAY 2012

The Temple and The Call of Cthulhu - First Date Announced...

Temple and Cthulhu have their first combined double feature date released from the depths!

Billing together as, The H.P. Lovecraft Chronicles, I will perform at The Harrogate Studio Theatre this October 5th so book your tickets fast. Click on the pic below to go to the theatre's site. Do it!. I command you...

APRIL 2012

The Temple and The Call opf Cthulhu - Update...

Blow main balast and prepare to surface! Dates are now coming in from venues for this Autumn's tour of The Temple and The Call of Cthulhu. So much so that I have agreed to produce a double feature in several places with both shows going on in one evenings performance! Will Sabbaton survive? I hope so. The double feature events will be advertised as, The H.P. Lovecraft Chronicles, and I'll let you know the dates and places as soon as I can! (Ok - here's a teaser...The Lowry, Salford Quays this Autumn!!!)

Other news this month is that the promo photography has now been completed for The Temple. I went to Oxford for the shoot where the remarkable Mr Karl Ellison captured our first encounter with Lt. Comm. Karl Altberg of the doomed U-29. You can see a selection from the shoot on The Temple website HERE but for those of you too impatient for a click away, just for you, here is the arrogant Captain himself...


MARCH 2012

The Temple - New Show Website Launched...

My next project is going to be another Lovecraft adaptation to premier and tour Autumn 2012.

The Temple is a story of possession, madness and arrogance as it tells the story of the U-29, a stricken and cursed German U-boat in 1917. I hope the show builds on the success of Cthulhu and I can't wait to dive down into depths of madness. I just hope I can cope with it all! With photos, reviews and the video trailer all to follow later in the year, stay tuned for more news as it is released. ALAAAAARM !!!!


Cthulhu AUDIO VERSION MP3 Released from the Depths !

That's right! After a bit of a delay, the CTHULHU AUDIO VERSION MP3 is here. Oh, yes...'nuff said. Click on the logo below to go to the shop and buy it now. Do it!



Cthulhu AUDIO VERSION MP3 Soon to be Released...

More exciting news this month, Cthulhu lovers, as the fiercely awaited AUDIO VERSION of my adaptation of The Call of Cthulhu is soon to be relesed! Those of you who have seen the AUDIO TRAILER will have already sampled a taste of what's in store. The AUDIO VERSION presents in 'radio play' form the same stage version that you all know and fear just tweaked a little for this different medium. I think that it sounds great on headphones as you get the full intimate, stereo experience straight into your head - where the great old one always should reside! At just over 42 minutes in length it presents the wonderfully concentrated world of poor Francis Thurston (some strong language and material). I hope you enjoy the show. Do let me know what you think and spread the word. You can still see the trailer on the MEDIA PAGE.


Until next time...Fhatagn!



Cthulhu AUDIO VERSION Trailer Released...

Exciting news this month as the long awaited AUDIO VERSION of my adaptation of The Call of Cthulhu is now recorded! Late this January, I made the recording with the fabulously talented Mr Rob Speight (who produced the fantastic sound design for the stage show too!). It's great working with Rob as the two of us work really well together and get to excersise our creative muscles/tentacles! A short trailer has been put together to advertise the upcoming release. You can see it here, on the media page. Hopefully, the full release will surface from the depths in early March and I'll certainly keep you all posted. In the meantime, spread the word to any blogs and related sites of interest and watch this space. Enjoy the trailer...fhatagn!



Sabbaton Speaks and Sits on Sets...

Apart from catching up with some interesting voice over work this month, I performed in Moliere's, Doctor for a Day. In a new translation by Tim Chilcott, this fantastically funny play was performed as a public play reading with the Brighton based company, Wired Theatre. Directed by Sylvia Vickers, I played the valet, Valere, and the (ahem) young lover, Leander. Lots of hard work but great, great fun and the appreciative crowds seemed to think so too. Jolly good!

My one man adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft horror, The Call of Cthulhu, is being adapted into an audio version for later release. If you've seen the stage show, you'll want it for sure! Hopefully this should be ready in the new year so stay tuned Cthulhu lovers!

Other news this month comes from my annual set design and building week at a Hertfordshire school for their upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. This is the only formal set design work I do now but I still like to keep my hand in once a year to try to encourage a synergy between performance and space. The brief was to design and build a 24' octagon floor for the 'in the round' production. Using only hardboard and about ten layers of paint, a textured stone, italian esq plaza was formed complete with old blood splatters from past feuds and an abstract 'blood well' for the centre. Mmmm...

Sabbaton on (a) Set



Sabbaton Storms Salford Quays and Halifax...

On 29th and 31st of October, I took my one man adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft classic, The Call of Cthulhu, to Square Chapel and The Lowry. Both shows brought in a great audience reaction and got some fantastic new reviews (check them out on the PRESS PAGE). The sell out show at The Lowry made for a fantastic Halloween with such an intense atmosphere. Many audience members commented afterwards that they would love to see some more Sabbaton/Lovecraft work so - "Watch this space!". I've got several ideas up my pan-dimentional sleeve and hope to put some of these into action in the near future. Thanks to all Cthulhu Lovers who came. Untill next time - Fhatagn!

Sabbaton and 'The Box'


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