Sabbaton perfectly captures this descent into insanity.…” - The List

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The Statement of Randolph Carter

Ongoing Touring


Nathalie Blonder, The Culture Vulture 2013

(An) impressive and emotive performance...his timing was impeccable

The Aftershow Review 2013

Sabbaton's characters insidiously creep into our psyche

Dave Cunnungham, The Public Reviews 2013

(An) excellent use of theatrical atmosphere


The Temple

Ongoing Touring


Keri O'Shea , Brutal as Hell 2014

Sabbaton proves himself a master at invoking the audience’s imagination...he conveys the encroaching madness of an arrogant man superbly...the evident care and work which has gone into the adaptation pays dividends

Cathy Crabb, The Public Reviews 2012

Sabbaton presents the captains demise and horror so that we feel his choking isolation

Dave Cunningham, What's on Stage 2012

Sabbaton’s intense performance brings out the claustrophobic sense of being trapped in the enclosed space of the submarine


The Call of Cthulhu

Ongoing Touring


Keri O'Shea , Brutal as Hell 2015

Nothing short of impressive...Sabbaton 'gets' Lovecraft.

Sally Cinnamon, The Public Reviews 2011

Sabbatton’s performance is astonishing.

Ed Fortune 2011

The performance is remarkable and extremely well done...a strong lesson in story telling.

Matt Boothman, The British Theatre Guide 2010
Michael Sabbaton cycles from commanding through unsettling all the way to full-on disturbing.

Gary Platt, The Edinburgh Guide 2010
(Sabbaton is a) formidable actor (who) take(s) on the different persona and create(s) such a claustrophobic and horror laden atmosphere. His characterisations and capture of a moment were wonderful.

Henry Northmoore, The List 2010
Sabbaton perfectly captures this descent into insanity.

Keith D, Edinburgh Spotlight 2010
Sabbaton presents the desparation, fear and insanity of the tale’s unfortunate characters.

Thom Dibdin, The Stage 2010
(A) strong creation of intense character.

Sally Stott, The Scotsman 2010
An arresting performance.

EG, Three Weeks 2010
Movingly poetic and quietly terrifying.

Gordon Rutter, Fortean Times 2010
Definitely the best Lovecraft adaptation on the Fringe. Ever.


Pinocchio 2011

Heartbreak Productions - Touring

Richard Edmonds, The Stage

Individual performances were astonishing, none more so than Michael Sabbaton’s Geppetto (wearing what appeared to be a yellow cotton floor mop). Sabbaton has a good singing voice and plays the guitar well. His transformations were remarkable, and like everyone else except Pinocchio, he switched with ease into bearded ladies, sly cats and a bird, when the occasion demanded it.

Phil Turner, The Rotheram Advertiser

Michael Sabbaton—at times looking like Frank out of TV’s Shameless—is a charming Geppetto, while wearing what appears to be a yellow cotton floor mop and with a voice reminding anyone old enough of an actual Italian puppet, Topo Gigio. Sabbaton is great with voices and his transformations are as believable as they are remarkable, switching to bearded ladies, sly cats and a bird with ease.


As You Like it 2009

Heartbreak Productions - Touring

Sheffield Telegraph 2009

Michael Sabbaton also displays great versatility as the villainous Duke Frederick, the laidback hippy Duke Senior, Corin, Adam and (don't ask) a born again preacher.

Crackerjack Bristol 2009

Out of the five characters Michael Sabbaton brought to life the most memorable was the flamboyant American evangelist Marvin P Martext.



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